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Cadisch Head Office

Meshtec Perftec Vitramesh
Cadisch MDA's architectural metal designed into the Head Office of the Cadisch Group

The head office of the Cadisch Group has been designed using a variety of the Cadisch MDA architectural metals. The suspended ceilings and office partitions located throughout the building have been fabricated from the Meshtec range and in the reception area, Perftec was used to create the bespoke Cadisch signage that greets visitors as they enter the building. The meeting room next to this also incorporates Vitramesh (the glass partition). 

The entire project has been lit up by our sister company's range of discreet yet powerful downlights and linear strip LEDs, which beautifully accentuates the architectural features and finishes of the metal.

What was formerly an industrial space, is now a state of the art office, which achieves a great sense of openness.


Mesh Type: MeshtecPerftec Vitramesh

Material: Aluminium

Lighting: Ecoled

Contractors: Abstract Interiors

What our customers say

Very good service from the team, friendly, professional and great products!
- Kyle, Carl Turner Architects

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