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Introducing metals into interiors has been an increasingly popular trend over the last decade, paving the way for more creative designs being brought into the internal environment. 

And it's not just the 'edgy' or 'industrial' feel that is created when designing with metals. Warmer tones such as brasses, coppers or bronzes and specialist finishes can introduce softer, stylish spaces. 

Wardour Street: Walls Designed with Brass Tensing Mesh 

Woven Range 

Our Woven products are a popular choice for interior projects. They have fantastic transparency, acoustic and airflow qualities, which make them ideal for interior spaces.

Logos: Designed with River Stainless Steel

Woven mesh is usually specified in its natural finish, leaving the materials in their raw beauty. But certain meshes can be painted upon request. 

The Fiamma mesh from the woven range offers a slightly more unique aesthetic, shown in the below project designed for Starbucks. The stainless steel threads go through a heat treatment that creates unique metallic tones across the mesh panel. 

Starbucks, Beverly Hills 

We have worked with world-class designers to develop one of the most extensive ranges of woven, made-to-order meshes available in the market. Click here to view the full woven range.

Vitramesh Range

Vitramesh is a mix of glass and mesh, which creates one of the most aesthetically elegant architectural products available today. A selection of our finer meshes are suitable to be laminated in glass and can be designed with the effects of colour or mirror backing on the glass.

These products can be used for cladding projects, or if brought into the internal environment, make for stunning partitions, walls, windows and surfaces. 

Carlton House

The walls and ceiling fins at Carlton House were designed with a finely woven copper mesh (Copper Santana 30), which was specified throughout the reception of the commercial office block to create a plush, luxurious space to greet visitors.

Grosvenor Street 

Bronze Mandarin ropes were designed for this feature wall at Grosvenor Street and blended with the stunning Copper Santana mesh designed into the reception desk. 

Nova Building, Victoria 

The Nova Building in Victoria contains 600 bespoke glass panels created using Meshtec R4. They were intricately cut and installed throughout the reception area and lift lobby of the building.  

Cadisch MDA offices  

The Meeting room doors of our new offices have been designed with Diamonte Brass & Aluminium mesh, the table top incorporates Bronze Ropes and the wall window is made from Cerritec Ora. Contact us to arrange a visit to our new showroom and view our interior products in application.  

Although we do not produce the glass or laminate the mesh ourselves, we can recommend key suppliers on a project by project basis. Click here to view the full Vitramesh range.

Metallics can add depth, texture and character to your interior projects. They can be designed to offer a bold stand out feature or a discreet compliment to the surrounding interior.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about how our products can be used in your interior design projects.

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Very good service from the team, friendly, professional and great products!
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Cadisch MDA are always good to deal with.
- A. Newman, Between Time Ltd.
The final look is something we are very proud of as a company and it would not have been possible without the integrated approach achieved with Cadisch.
- Carl Morris, Harlow Glass
We have used different products in our recent project and the technical and sales support has been excellent.
- Arturo Varela, AHMM
The perforated staircase is the best thing about the house. It is a piece of art and throws fantastic shades on the wall. I love that it brings light into the house even on a dark day.
- Penny Talelli, Client
Anthony and the team are always a delight to work for and understand the pressures of projects and and the tender process. Every project we have worked on has run smoothly with very happy clients on completion. You can't ask for more.
- Esme Lynch, T4 Design Ltd.
My inquiries have been dealt with quickly and confidently and prices have been competitive. I have a great relationship with the staff.
- James Tunnicliffe
Very helpful staff and prompt responses.
- Louise Blunt, EDM Spanwall Facades
Cadisch MDA are always a delight to work with and they go the extra mile to make a project more than just any project.
- Jean Wardrop, Wardrop Designs
Cadisch have an excellent range of products and an experienced team.
- Dan Gibbons, APE Architecture & Design Ltd.

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