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Catch up with the latest series of Grand Designs on Chanel 4 and watch S17 Episode 2 to see our latest perf project showcased on the nation's favourite BAFTA winning property program.

The residential property on last night's episode belongs to neurologists Penny Talelli and Mark Edwards who combined their love of old and contemporary architecture to transform their North London home.

The star of the show was the unmissable steel staircase sculptured from our Perftec range. Its perforated design allows light to flow freely through the area to form interesting shadows on the surrounding walls. When standing from afar, you’re able to see straight through the staircase and this adds an element of openness to the entire space.

Penny Talelli who owns the property said: “The staircase is the best thing about the house. It is a piece of art and it throws fantastic shades on the wall. I love that it brings light into the house even on a dark day.” And this helped by the bright yellow colour of the staircase, which Penny commented on to say: “the colour was a spontaneous decision and once we'd thought of it, we couldn't think about anything else. It adds to the industrial style.”

The overlay of the perforated stairs with the balustrade also adds texture and creates a moire effect, further enhancing the interest of the sculpture. Amir Zinaburg from Design + Weld was contracted to fabricate the staircase and commented: “the perforated balustrades supplied by Cadisch MDA appear as though they’ve been made up with different panels when in fact they’re one complete piece with different holes. This makes our part much easier and provides greater accuracy, as we don’t have to play around with different panels.”

We worked in close partnership with Design & Weld on this project. It required great attention to detail and precise planning to ensure all the different panels were supplied correctly and to a tight deadline, ensuring that filming production was in no way compromised.

We are seeing the use of perforated stairs becoming increasingly popular within residential properties, and this latest project has put a new twist the contemporary design. It is elegant, minimalist and has timeless simplicity.

Click here to view the project.

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What our customers say

The perforated staircase is the best thing about the house. It is a piece of art and throws fantastic shades on the wall. I love that it brings light into the house even on a dark day.
- Penny Talelli, Client
Cadisch MDA are always a delight to work with and they go the extra mile to make a project more than just any project.
- Jean Wardrop, Wardrop Designs
My inquiries have been dealt with quickly and confidently and prices have been competitive. I have a great relationship with the staff.
- James Tunnicliffe
Cadisch have an excellent range of products and an experienced team.
- Dan Gibbons, APE Architecture & Design Ltd.
The final look is something we are very proud of as a company and it would not have been possible without the integrated approach achieved with Cadisch.
- Carl Morris, Harlow Glass
Very helpful staff and prompt responses.
- Louise Blunt, EDM Spanwall Facades
We have used different products in our recent project and the technical and sales support has been excellent.
- Arturo Varela, AHMM
Anthony and the team are always a delight to work for and understand the pressures of projects and and the tender process. Every project we have worked on has run smoothly with very happy clients on completion. You can't ask for more.
- Esme Lynch, T4 Design Ltd.
Cadisch MDA are always good to deal with.
- A. Newman, Between Time Ltd.
Very good service from the team, friendly, professional and great products!
- Kyle, Carl Turner Architects

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