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Metal for Design & Architecture

Cadisch MDA is a close knit team of professionals with a shared passion for metals and their finishes for use within the built environment. With a keen eye on product development and innovation we are always pushing the boundaries of what can be done with metal.

Meet the Team

Anthony Millington

Managing Director

About Anthony Millington

I run the show, so I get involved in all sorts from sales, marketing and product development (including finishes) …and making the tea.

Before I set up Cadisch MDA in 2002 with my business partner Simon, I started out in the family builder’s merchants in Leicester. I was 14 at the time (not sure if that’s legal) and I’d work during the Summer holidays.

But my first spark of interest in architecture was back when I was a boy skateboarding steps, walls, rails and anything else I could get my board on. Everything got scrutinised as a potential ramp or surface to skate and it made me question ‘why on earth has someone designed it that way?’ I’d go as far to say that skateboarders are more aware of architecture, both as a playground and as a creative medium, than almost anyone else.

Simon Cadisch

Chairman of the Cadisch Group

About Simon Cadisch

I co-founded Cadisch MDA with Anthony, so like him I have been here since the beginning.

In the early days I helped with the development of the product range, drawing upon my experience of wire weaving, metal expanding and perforating. Today, I act as Chairman to the wider Cadisch Group, which encompasses the supply of filtration, screen printing and LED lighting products that are distributed throughout the world.

With my 35 years experience in the precision metals industry, I keep a keen interest in the development of Cadisch MDA, mainly because I am so passionate about the company.

I was delighted to be involved with the build of the new corporate HQ that has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to incorporate lots of our products. If you need inspiration or design ideas then come and pay us a visit!

Where we came from

Cadisch is a 135 year-old family business and has its roots firmly in the metal mesh industry, from the finest woven wire meshes to the heaviest perforated plate used in industrial processes. 

In 2002 we formed the idea of using the metals that had originally been in the industrial domain and offering them as a finished architectural product. In time these have become accepted into the market as bespoke alternatives to traditional building materials.

What we do 

Our Meshtec® materials are one of the largest range of expanded metals from the small meshes we now associate with our bespoke suspended ceilings to the large open meshes often used on car parks and large cladding projects. In addition we also offer our extensive range of standard and custom profiled sheets (Welltec®), perforated metals (Perftec®) including our increasingly popular Picperf® – the transference of high resolution images using differing hole sizes to create any image across large facades. Our latest innovation is the laminated mesh in glass and perspex (Vitramesh®) and our specially profiled expanded meshes (Cerritec®) have been embraced by architects and designers across the world for their uniqueness and functionality.

Cadisch MDA is now one of the UK’s most respected and well known suppliers of architectural metals and meshes, supplying materials worldwide.

YouTube Videos

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What our customers say

Very good service from the team, friendly, professional and great products!
- Kyle, Carl Turner Architects
Anthony and the team are always a delight to work for and understand the pressures of projects and and the tender process. Every project we have worked on has run smoothly with very happy clients on completion. You can't ask for more.
- Esme Lynch, T4 Design Ltd.
Always have quick and helpful advice, staff are very professional.
- Cressida Rendall, Chelsea Artisans
My inquiries have been dealt with quickly and confidently and prices have been competitive. I have a great relationship with the staff.
- James Tunnicliffe
Cadisch have an excellent range of products and an experienced team.
- Dan Gibbons, APE Architecture & Design Ltd.
The assistance given by Cadisch MDA was excellent.
- Carl Morris, Harlow Glass
Cadisch MDA are always good to deal with.
- A. Newman, Between Time Ltd.
Easy to contact and discuss. Delivered on time. And the product has weathered well.
- Michael Williams, Architect
We have used different products in our recent project and the technical and sales support has been excellent.
- Arturo Varela, AHMM
Cadisch MDA are always a delight to work with and they go the extra mile to make a project more than just any project.
- Jean Wardrop, Wardrop Designs

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