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All that Glitters

The new External Highgloss Multichrome powdercoat is now available with our range of metals and will bring a shine to your projects.

The finish offers a unique metallic effect that shows the complete colour spectrum when illuminated in the direct sunlight and changes depending on the angle of the view.

This stunning finish was developed by powder coating manufacturer’s Adapta, and can be used on most architectural metals and facades. It’s available in a smooth metallic or pearl effect, which is created by applying the clear metallic coat on top of black PPC and other colours.

It has been designed to exceed the international quality specifications such as Qualicoat CLASS 2, GSB MASTER, AAMA 2604.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The finish is suitable for a variety of different applications and if its properly maintained, it will keep its colour and shine.

If the profile comes into contact with dirt or other contaminants, it may increase the risk of corrosion (especially in coastal or industrial environments). This can be avoided by regular cleaning and maintenance in line with Qualicoat guidelines (July 2011 edition) or AAMA 609 & 610-02 standards.

The Technical Details:

Mechanical Test             Test M.                 
Film Thickness60-80 micronsISO 2630
Gloss> 90%ISO 2813
AdhesionPASS GT0ISO 2409
Impact> 2,5mmISO 6272
Flexibility< 5mmISO 1519
Cupping Test > 5mmISO 1520
Persoz Hardness> 220sec.ISO 1522
Identation Hardness        > 80ISO 2815

Chemical Test  

Test M.
Acetic Spray Salt Fog 1000 h. PASS Corrosion advance <1mm               ISO 9227
Neutral Spray Salt Fog     2000 h. PASS no blistering ASTM B117
Kesternich SO2 30 cycles PASS no blistering ISO 3231
Machu Test <0.5mm -
Mortar Resistance PASS no changes EN 12201
Boiling Water

Weathering Test Test M.
Natural – Florida                 PASS 3 years > 50% gloss retention ISO 2810
Suntest PASS 1000 hours > 90% gloss retention               ISO 16474   
QUV 313B PASS 600 hours > 50% gloss retention

ISO 16474

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